The school has a clear Behaviour Policy. Available to view on the website or on request.

In agreeing to attend Old Warren House all pupils are accepting that they will adhere to specific expectations of behaviour. These are made clear to prospective pupils and parents/guardians prior to the pupil being accepted into the school.

In particular the school insists upon:

  • Pupils carrying out the instructions of staff without question.
  • No swearing, strong language or comments that could cause offence.
  • No form of intimidation or physical violence at any time towards fellow pupils or staff.
  • No damage to school property or the property of others.
  • No possession or consummation of alcohol or drugs on school premises.
  • At no time during the school day may pupils absent themselves from the school premises.
  • No smoking on the school premises.
  • No mobile phones or personal stereos to be used during any learning activities.
  • No discrimination of any kind.

The school views any violation of this expected code of conduct most seriously indeed and would institute clearly set out procedures aimed at modifying unacceptable behaviour. The school expects the support of parents/guardians in this process.
A paper copy of our behaviour policy is available on request, or you can read it HERE.

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